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Save On Roaming (Travel)

Save on Roaming
Using your mobile phone outside of your carrier's limited service area or home calling area is known as roaming. Roaming is not a free service. Carriers charge a higher per minute rate for roaming capability. Fees for roaming are not standard and differ from carrier to carrier. Charges may also involve long distance charges. iTalk allows you to bypass roaming charges altogether or at the very least reduce them considerably. Now you can travel overseas with the peace of mind, of knowing that roaming charges will not concern you. The most effective way to avoid roaming costs is to purchase iTalk Number. iTalkl saves you up to 90% on international roaming fees with international call forwarding solutions How to forward your calls?

  • Before leaving to another country purchase a iTalk number from us from your original country location. please check list of Countries
  • Before leaving country, Forward all calls from your mobile phone to the new iTalk number. (This option exists on any mobile phone. You can do this yourself or contact your mobile carrier for help) It is important to do this prior to your leaving.
  • Upon arriving at the country of your destination purchase a local SIM card. ( SIM cards are usually sold in any airport) Insert the SIM into your mobile phone.
  • Contact Support using Contact us on top of webpage and lodge a request for Forwarding, or you can yourself setup call forwarding by logging into your account.
  • Congratulations you are now able to make and receive calls without any roaming charges. All you pay is lowest forwarding rates.

Now you will never miss a call and will not have to worry about International Roaming Charges