Italk Forwarding

  • Sign up is Free at, Forward your Virtual Number to Point to iTalkWorld Account.
  • iTalkWorld Provides Range of PC and Mobile Apps to make and receive calls. Further you get Sip settings to configure any sip phone /Device.
  • Incoming Calls are Always Free on iTalkWorld .
  • iTalkWorld Apps can also be used in countries where voip is blocked, with its tunnel based Mobile and PC Dialers.
  • Further one can also setup call forwarding from within iTalkWorld account to forward calls at lowest rates to any number in world and can also make use of Talk Plans available .
  • Unlike Betamax clones ,iTalkWorld allows multiple registrations to receive Simultaneous incoming ringing on upto 10 registered devices .

You can also use iTalkWorld to place lowest rate International Calls by adding credit for outbound calls , incoming calls do not require any balance in Account.

Signing up on is Free