Your Privacy

Virtual Phone Number can protect your Privacy.

Personal privacy is challenged today more than ever before. Protect your identity with a virtual personal phone number.
Carry My Number's Virtual Number phone service is the answer you've been waiting for. Next time you place an advertisement in the newspaper, or go on a dating site. Next time you place your resume online and do not want your current employer to recognize your number. All you have to do is buy a virtual number and assign it to your phone. You can disconnect it at any time. So if you ran an ad in the newspaper and continue receiving calls after your item has been sold, simply disconnect your virtual number and you are free of the annoying, unnecessary phone calls. We can help guard your privacy. With no hardware to purchase, and no switching of home/cell phone systems provider.Virtual Phone Number service is a powerful and inexpensive personal communications tool. It allows you to easily customize your call handling to any situation. Enjoy complete control, via the web; easily change your 'ring to' number and much more...
Instead of giving out your real number on forums, dating web sites and chat rooms. Use a Virtual number that cannot be traced to you. The uses for a private virtual phone number are endless.